SFR Spotter

Make rental revenuestand out in the crowd

Easily and quickly find investment properties within Zillow search results. No need to scrap the site or analyze individual listings anymore.


Tailor your scouting process according to your financial situation. No assumptions are made on your behalf.


App configuration couldn’t be more intuitive and a step-by-step guide is available.

Super fast

Evaluate up to 40 listings in less than a second. Each listing is evaluated in two scenarios.

One-click Install

SFR Spotter is a Chrome extension. Install it with one click from the Chrome Web Store.


Works on any desktop with a Chrome browser.

One-click Operation

Only one click to run the whole thing. Settings are edited every once in a while.

Optimize your property scouting process

Time is your most valuable asset, don't waste it on calculations of hundreds of properties that won't generate any profit. Focusing your analysis efforts on the winners is a far better strategy. If only there was a way to spot those winners in the crowd based on your own unique financial situation ... oh wait! there is.

  • Enter your financial preferences
  • Search Zillow listings
  • Click SFR Spotter "Scout" button and see the magic happen

Get started in seconds

Install extension

Go to SFR Spotter extension page on Chrome Web Store and click "Add to Chrome"

Sign up

Open extension popup window and sign up or sign in with your google account.


Have fun finding your next investment.

What is SFR Spotter?

What is SFR Spotter?

SFR Spotter is a Chrome extension, which is a small software program you can install on top of Chrome on any desktop computer. SFR Spotter enhances the functionality of the popular real estate listings site Zillow to enable you to spot investment properties by making the profitable ones stand out in the crowd of search results.

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